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Padinharekkara Ayurvedic Centre and Research Centre (PAHRC), the parent institution, which was founded by Dr Sethumadhavan in 1983, is situated in the heart of Ottapalam, in the beautiful state of Kerala, India. PAHRC has been serving the healthy and healing the unhealthy for over a decade by providing a balanced and holistic, multi-modality approach to treatment. PAHRC is planning to expand its service in Mauritius through Ayuryoga International Retreat & Research Centre. We aim to provide health services to a growing generation of Mauritius society who wish to move beyond symptomatic and temporary relief to address the root cause of illnesses and adopt a long lasting solution. Ayuryoga International Retreat & Research Centre aims to provide customized treatment across age groups with state of the art facilities, qualified Ayurvedic medical practitioners, therapists, equipment’s and medicines.

UniquenessPadinharekkara Ayurvedic Centre and Research Centre (PAHRC),

The uniqueness of PARC treatment is Kayakalpa or Rasayana treatment, which is the 7 the Branch of Ashtanga Hridaya. In 1933,the similar treatment done by the social reformer Madan Mohan Malaviya, was posthumously conferred with Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award . The trigarbha was built in our Ottapalam Ayurvedic Centre as described in ancient texts. “In the chamber one undergoes the process of change like an embryo in the womb.

In 2007 Swami Neeleswarananda from Uttrakasi was the first person undergone Kayakalpa Tratment in Our Center Followed by 91 year old Mahanth Yugal Saranji Maharaj from Girivar Ashram in Mount Abu has come to our Centre in June 2011 for Kutipraveshika Rasayana Therapy also known as Kayakalpa. Saranji Maharaj is being subjected to this treatment inside a Trigarbha Kuti or a hut with three chambers which has been built exclusively for this purpose. Saranji Maharaj is already blessed with a healthy body that has not been affected by wrinkles in spite of his advanced age and he owes this to the austere life that he has been leading as a renunciate.