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Ayuryoga International Retreat and Research Centre

Aims to be the premier wellness & rejuvenation centre in Mauritius,through a unique combination of the heritage & wisdom. Meets the comfort of the modern lifestyle without compromising on the quality prescribed in ancient texts. The centre is a blessing for those who seek Physical and Mental rejuvenation.

In Ayuryoga Retreat centre, sustainable value are expressed in the built up environment through innovative use of the ancient architecture and world renowned Kerala Ayurveda techniques are applied. Social values are also expressed in the social, economic and educational development initiatives of the centre.

Our Mission

Ayuryoga international retreat & Research centre is in the mission of propagating worldwide the unique benefits of the ancient and time-tested kerala specific Ayurvedic and panchakarma Therapies, traditionally proven for health rejuvenation, stress relief and to alleviate specific chronic/acute ailments without side-effects, by establishing Authentic and professionally managed Ayurvedic Wellness Centers which render customer friendly services without compromising the essence of Ayurveda “The Science Of Life”

At Ayuryoga

Ayuryoga International Retreat & Research Centre, Each day at Ayuryoga International Retreat & Research Centre will be an experience. Life in Ayuryoga International Retreat & Research Centre will take us back to our roots and rediscover ourselves for a healthy life in tune with the nature. Every therapy is personal and customized, often combined with yoga, meditation and other methods to provide deep healing from within and without.

Only vegetarian food is served, and no alcohol. Guests are also encouraged to participate in early morning meditation and yoga session. The Centre will have it’s own Organic Restaurant, Herbal Garden, Cultural Centre and Swimming pool